A Story About My Easter

This is a little story about my Easter, which unfortunately seemed to turn out quite differently than I had in mind. On the 20th of March I went to my house in Andalucia to stay for almost three weeks together with my husband and my daughter (I am still here, going back on Thursday), but I wanted to do a lot of lovely posts, and to finish what I would call a decent amount of fantastic recipes for you who are following my blog. Thank you all so much for that by the way!

What happened with my Easter then…?

Well, how come there are no new recipes?  What happened???
When I got down here, my Mac seemed to by a kind of distracted and succeeded shunting me out, which means I can no longer log in on this device. I have tried every possible advice, been through hundreds of related communities and forums. After spending hours and 20 £ trying to get in contact with an Apple supporter, I gave up. Now I am writing from my IPad…. Hopefully everything will work out, when I am back in London.

Regarding the new interface, it seems OK while I am writing, so tomorrow I will try to achieve what I came here for. I will do different things such as  try to make bake the panini for sandwiches in a grill, which will be a great success if it works out, as I have no oven here. I will let you know.

Furthermore I have already during the Easter made pancakes without flour and sugar, and eggplant and butternut squash fries to beat the normal fries, and these recipes are coming up tomorrow. Please stay tuned!!

I am so happy I am able to blog again! Sorry for this inconvenient silence of mine 🙁  I am back and and have a lot of good news for you especially how to deal with a different lifestyle in a busy world.


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