Breakfast Dishes for a Busy Day

breakfast dishes busyI want to share examples of  breakfast dishes for busy days. It is a matter of habits. When you’re in a hurry you should still feel a need for your rich breakfast plate. Make sure to choose the best quality when you’re shopping and plan a couple of days ahead. You should feel lucky when you open that fridge two days later.
In order not to feel hungry again at 10.30 AM, you must have a big and fat breakfast. If you’re busy it would be best if it’s a routine for you to prepare your important breakfast. Don’t think about what to eat and why, and do I have this and that and so on..!

Just look into your the fridge and gather the items nicely in what might do for a breakfast.
You can combine it with a Butter & Coconut Coffee, if it needs a fat companion, so to say.

The look of my breakfast is important to me, as it’s one of my two main dishes of the day. I seldom have lunch as I do not feel hungry at that time. By the way, please find my recipes for healthy and fat LCHF snacks. Don’t eat any nasty looking plastic-wrapped thing full of additives, you don’t know the origin of. Only always eat freshly made and non-processed food.

How To Do Breakfast Dishes For A Busy Day

breakfast dishes busyEnsure you always have organic or free range eggs. Choose flavourless coconut oil or butter. You can fry in ghee as well. Olive oil will do, but not the extra virgin oil, which shouldn’t be heated that much.
Don’t use sunflower oil, as it contains too much Omega 6.  These fatty acids are a class of polyunsaturated fats. The use of this oil have been growing in prevalence in modern diets, but research suggests that too many Omega 6 fats can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases. This research isn’t conclusive though, but the amount of Omega 6 fats should be reduced, and the amount of Omega 3 fats should then be increased. Read more about that here.


breakfastWhen you get up and already are late, think about what is left from yesterday night. Maybe a peeled onion, 2 mushrooms, a little washed salad, a quarter of an aubergine, a box with hummus or guacamole, or sausages, ham or tomatoes, chili, cheese or salad. Just get used to value the leftovers, and get used to bring them along with your two eggs. Always have the basics ready.

Fry two eggs or mix them with cream, and prepare an omelet. The rest is up to you and your fridge. If you want bread in the morning you can have a slice of LCHF panini or crispbread.
Please find inspiration in my examples. Enjoy your days without feeling hungry before late afternoon 🙂

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