Deep Frying Fish and Veggies

deep friedJust a few words about deep frying fish and veggies while working in an outdoor kitchen. When we’re in Andalusia we’re preparing most of our meals outside using the barbecue and the deep-fryer.
This summer was no exception. We have an old induction stove and no oven in the kitchen in the house. We practically live at the terrace. The good news is that during the winter to come, we’re rebuilding the kitchen and installing a gas hob and an oven. In the future my summer recipes will reflect this and cover a wider range of meals. Until then, please find the recipes on deep frying fish and veggies, such as anchovies, aubergine, squid and red mullets.
In case you don’t have access to deep frying your food or if you find it difficult handling the amounts of oil, you can use a frying pan instead. Just ensure the oil goes 1/2 inch up, and turn your food around frequently.

Deep Frying Fish and Veggies

FrigilianaAs the deep frying technique is so simple, I’m not making recipes for everyone of these fish types. When you buy fresh fish  your fish monger will clean the fish. He will remove the scales, the small fins and the stomach.
Before deep frying both fish and veggies, rinse and dry the food.
Turn it into bread crumbs or flour for frying. I don’t use anything else neither for fish or veggies.
If you’re making fried veggie sticks, cut them into long pieces like these Aubergines. You can to the same with courgettes.
Heat the oil, so it’s very hot and put the food into the oil.
Follow the instructions for time below. Add sea salt and lemon.


deep fryingFrying time for Fish

Anchovies, 3 minutes (1,5 min on each side in a frying pan)
Red Mullets, 4 minutes (2 min on each side in a frying pan)
Sea Bass, 8 minutes ( see picture on your right)
Chunky pieces of white fish, 2-3 minutes
Puntillas, mini squids, 2-3 minutes

Frying time for Veggies

Aubergines, 7-9 minutes depending on their size, they should be brown
Courgettes, 6 minutes
Small pepper bells (Pimentos de Padron), 4 minutes

deep fryingI recommend serving fresh salad with the fried food as you need some raw and fresh vegetables. A little drizzle of vinegar on the fried food can be nice as well. Furthermore, always serve lime or lemon and the Basic Mayonnaise with the fried fish.
The fat you get is altogether extremely healthy, so don’t be afraid of the amount. If in any case you should feel uncomfortable with the deep frying and the mayo in combination, please feel free to come back and ask for more information.
It’s the fat, that’s your fuel on the LCHF lifestyle.  Enjoy!!

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