Porridge of Chia Seeds

chiagroedFrom time to time I get tired of having eggs for my breakfast, not for long though! But if so I will either choose left overs from the day before, or I will have porridge made of chia seeds. One should be aware though that  the porridge will have to be prepared in the evening or a couple of hours before serving.
Well, if you like the taste of cold chia porridge with berries, you will like this dish. So here is my recipe.

Serves 1

  • 2½ tsp of chia seeds
  • 200 ml coconut milk, choose the fattest you can get
  • ½ tsp of vanilla powder

How to do

Put the ingredients in a bowl the night before, and stir well. Put cling film over it, and place it in the fridge until next morning. You can also use a jar with a lid,  and make a double portion. Stir if possible a bit within the first 5-10 minutes to avoid lumps.
Chia seeds will absorb the coconut milk, and give it a texture like normal oat porridge. You might find the porridge too stiff in the morning; it depends on the type of the coconut milk. If so, just add a little more or a little cold water and stir again. You can add any liquid to get the right texture, so feel free. Cream is fine as well.
Add berries or granola of seeds and nuts. I could add cream on the top if the coconut milk wasn’t fat enough! I always do! I can recommend the Coconut-Butter Coffee to go with his. Enjoy!

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