Super Delicious Smoothies

You can make smoothies of all “your lovely leftovers”! Well, excluded the meat and fish, I would recommend 🙂 Today I made these two super delicious smoothies of veggies and berries. The secret is good blender with power. They both have coconut milk, banana and broccoli as main ingredients.

You should actually just go along and be creative. A blend of veggies and berries, and you would never fail. I like to add coconut milk and eventually a little cream. The coconut oil won’t work because it will clot when it gets cold.
You can also add ice cubes and salad leaves or herbs. Especially mint is very nice in smoothies. Lemon can be recommended, if your choices tend to get a little too mild.

Recipe For The Super Delicious Basic Smoothie

IMG_3652 (1)Serves 2

4-5 pieces of broccoli (frozen from the supermarket or fresh)
1 small frozen banana or a third of a big one
1/2 a can of coconut milk, the fattes you can get, organic if possible
100 ml water, whole milk or cream
Around 2-25 g ginger, peeled and chopped
Juice of 1/2-1 lemon, depending on the size and your taste
A handful of blueberries (other berries would do fine)
If you like; 4-5 drops Stevia to sweeten a bit

Put the ingredients into the blender for 30 seconds. Serve immediately. The banana makes the colour change quickly although the lemon juice prolongs the process. This is the one with the pink straws. I made another one with a little less broccoli,  but instead 1/2 avocado, the same amount of banana and coconut milk. Spices can be added.

2 comments on “Super Delicious Smoothies”

  1. Sofie Skov says:

    Do you know the estimated carbs for this dish? Can’t wait to try it!

    1. lchflondon says:

      Hi Sofie, I believe the weight of the amount of blueberries to be around 100 g (12 g carbs), and the banana to be 150-200 g (20-25 g carbs). Together with the broccoli and the fluids this makes a total of 35-38 g carbs. This is a bit high if you’re counting carbs, as your daily intake should stay below 50g.
      From time to time I use pieces of banana anyway (that’s why I freeze them). To lower the carbs in your smoothie you can leave the banana out or use the half of it and use avocado instead. Carbs in avocado are only 2 g per 100 g.
      Finally raspberries (5 g carbs) and strawberries (6 g carbs) are good alternatives to blueberries. I hope this makes sense. All in all your around 35-40 g but you can adjust the ingredients a bit and get down below 20 g carbs. Good luck :))

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