Open Sandwiches With Vegetables

A very easy lunch to do is open sandwiches with vegetables using either the Super Sandwich Bread or the LCHF panini.  I will currently stimulate our LCHF fantasy to get the most out of your leftovers, and at the same time always show you ideas of adding fat to your meals. You will work it out automatically yourself one day!

Just to mention the basic LCHF ingredients you can have in your kitchen – also read about this here – you should always have mushrooms, chives and cheese, for example. These are the main ingredients here, but you can vary the recipe as you like.

How To Make Open Sandwiches Using Vegetables

Although an avocado happens to be a fruit it is one of the most fantastic ingredients to my own LCHF lifestyle. Avocados have a high fat content, and they are packed with nutrients, which is evident while trying to get the healthy fat into your meals. Avocados are furthermore very high in omega 3 fatty acids, the good kind of fat, in the form of alpha-linolenic acid.

You should use panini, mushrooms, artichokes, cheese and chives, and a little butter and salt.

  1. Have a piece of panini, slices it into two parts. Toast the inner sides first, then turn them and toast the other side, but at this time put a slice of cheese on top of them. When they are finished on the toaster, the cheese will be delightful soft.
  2. Slice a handful of mushrooms of any kind, fry them in butter on a pan. When they a heated well and have taken som colour, add som double cream, that is around 3 tablespoons and some salt. Let the cream heat up and be part of the mushrooms. Let it cool it a little bit, then add to the one cheese-coated panini.
  3. Slice an avocado, and mount the slices on top of one of the pieces of panini.
  4. Sprinkle with chives and pepper, and eventually chili and tabasco.

From here on you can style your sandwiches. I also used a couple of artichokes for the avocado sandwich. It could have been fresh tomatoes or cucumber as well. If you are not able to fry the mushrooms, at the time you are having lunch, you can use tomatoes instead on top of the cheese.


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