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restaurants BerlinFrom Berlin I will recommend three restaurants now and I might add more afterwards. Berlin is a fantastic city. There is a constant development of the city and a bubbling atmosphere everywhere. The picture on the right is from a backyard in the area around Hackesher Markt and Torstrasse. That area is nice with lots of cafés and small shops. You will find charming communities all over Berlin. I prefer the former Eastern part due to the grassroot feeling, like Kreuzberg, Neukölln and and Hackescher Markt.

Please find my recommended restaurants in Berlin below.

Restaurants Berlin


restaurants Berlin

Restaurant Pauly Saal, Berlin

Restaurant Pauly Saal was established in 2011 at Auguststrasse 11-13 on the ground floor of a grandiose building built in 1930 as a school for Jewish girls. During summer The Terrace will be open. Beware that smoking is allowed outside, which I find peculiar as people are seated pretty close. The indoor dining room is a fantastic space with high ceilings. Pauly Saal serve lunch, barfood and dinner. The dishes are various, from lamb and eel to Jerusalem artichokes and pointed cabbage. You combine them as you like. The price for 3 dishes is 69 EU, 4 dishes are 85EU, 6 are 105EU and 7 dishes are 115EU. The kitchen closes at 9.30 PM, and the bar is open until 2.30 AM.


restaurants Berlin

Home pickled salmon from borchardt

Restaurant borchardt at Französische Strasse 47 has a spectacular interior and is a classical Berliner restaurant from 1895 with classic recipes from a german-french fusion. This place was originally a wine bar back in 1850. There might be a bit fuzz during late evenings due to guests, who seem as if they mostly need to be seen. Come early or go for lunch instead to be sure to avoid it. The quality of the food is formidable though, and cooked by top professional chefs. It is absolutely sublime. You find dishes ranging from oysters, steak tartare and to a traditional Wienerschitzel. The experience is amazing. The kitchen is open from 11.30 AM until midnight.


restaurants Berlin

A dish from Zenkichi containing Foie Gras

Zenkichi is a Japanese Restaurant at Johannisstraße 20 open every day from 6 PM. Vegetarians will find a menu for themselves; vegans should not go. Zenkichi offers a four course menu for 45EU and an 8 course tasting menu for 65EU, and you can choose a la carte as well.
Zenkichi is beautiful Japanese food made of fish and meat, roasted and raw with a lot of taste, and it’s often mixed unconventionally. On the picture is an LCHF friendly foie gras dish. You can get pork belly and chicken, black cod and miso soup and scallops just to mention a few possibilities. The restaurant is in a basement (and is worth a visit solely due to the special interior decoration). The food is extremely nice!

2 comments on “Restaurants in Berlin Germany”

  1. Quig says:

    “an LCHF friendly foie gras dish” The benefits of the LCHF lifestyle includes being helpful in preventing/reducing a fatty liver, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This duck’s liver (foie gras de canard) is grossly enlarged with a massive burden of hepatocellular triglycerides, due to force feeding. Check your morals, girl.

    1. lchflondon says:

      Hi Quig, thanks for your comment and for your interest in my website.
      I know how Foie Gras is produced, and I understand your concern. For me it’s a private thing though. I just happen to like Foie Gras. Many people also happily eat chicken and eggs, just to mention another example, mostly produced in what is for me unbelievable conditions. I use organic food for my home cooking but when I go out I choose what will be the most LCHF friendly dish. The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle on this website is primarily a matter of literally keeping one’s food low in carbs and high in healthy fats, and to maintain that without having to think of it as a diet. This explains my comment on this specific dish as an LCHF friendly dish.
      I am aware that some people for various reasons might find my food favourites and my recommendations for dining out wrong but I stick to my mission: to deliver ideas of keeping up an LCHF lifestyle both while cooking at home and while dining out. I hope you might find some of my other recommendations useful.

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