A Summer in Frigiliana

summer-frigilianaLike many summers before I also spent this summer in Frigiliana in my Andalusian home situated in the old part of this small white village. Maybe you visited Frigiliana once? You would know then that the old part of the town is from the time the Moors were there. The final battle between the Christians and the Moors took place exactly in Frigiliana. Today the city is a cultural centre for Andalusia, and it’s proud of it’s heritage. Everywhere in the old town one sees art and symbols that let crosses, david stars and crescents merge as a picture of the multicultural background.
Part of my home was built in year 1100 and the rest year 1500. We have been coming every summer in Frigiliana for 15 years now. In the summertime we mostly prepare our meals outside on a grill and in a deep fryer, also placed on the terrace. Dinner is served around 10PM 🙂

What are we doing in Frigiliana?

Frigiliana-sea bass While staying for holidays in Frigiliana we read books, and we walk in the mountains. We also must visit Malaga at least twice. Malaga is the most underestimated city in Europe, I guess. I will write about Malaga another day. What we love the most during our holidays is preparing all the lovely LCHF-dinners based on seafood and fish of all kinds. Furthermore, if you are following this blog frequently it is SO obvious, that we absolutely adore the high quality Iberico Ham.

On the picture on your left is a sea bass, which we deep fried just like you get it at Som Saa in London (43A Commercial Street). Quite a succes!


img_5886We mostly buy our food on a market in Almúnecar, 15 minutes towards West from Frigiliana. We tried deep frying these small anchovies. You can ask the fisherman to clean them but if he is too busy, it’s quite easy. You cut the belly, remove the content and rinse thoroughly. That’s it!

We also had red mullet, which you can see in the picture above the post (they are raw on the pic). Simply just fry them three minutes in the deep fryer, or in a pan with a lot of olive oil. You can reuse the oil (for three days, I would say). For all these lovely fish dishes, you must serve salad on the side and also the Basic Mayonnaise. Enjoy and go to Frigiliana if you haven’t been there already!



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