Fennel Radish Pear Salad

fennel pear saladThis fantastic salad is made of fennel, radish and pear sliced with a mandolin, see picture in the recipe below.

If you don’t have a mandolin like that, you could slice the fennel and radish very thinly with a sharp knife. The pear is easier to get slice without a mandolin. I recommend a mandolin though, so you’re better off buying one. They are not expensive, and it’ll save you a lot of time. I often use such one for salads.

The characteristic of this salad is the very thin slices that will soften in the dressing, which makes the salad smooth and soft. You can make the salad a day before serving and save leftovers as well. The choice of vinegar or balsamico will change the colour of the salad, which is why my salad turned out darker. I use an aged balsamico.

Fennel Radish Pear Salad


Serves 2-3, depending of amount of other sides

1 big fennel
4 big radishes
The best part of 1 pear
A little finely chopped dill
4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp sweet vinegar or balsamico
1 tbsp lemon juice
Sea salt


To make this fennel, radish and pear salad you should first of all wash the veggies, slice them on the mandolin and gather the slices in a bowl.
Chop the dill and mix it into the fennel, radish and pear
Pour the olive oil, vinegar, salt and lemon juice in a jar and mix it well.
Pour the dressing over the veggies, stir with compassion.
Put it in your fridge.
The fennel salad should stay like this for at least one, or better, for two hours. If you prepare the salad the day before, it will work out fine also. Always serve this salad cold.

Serving suggestions; This salad is nice with any fried meat or fish.
I also have had it together with another green salad accompanied by pieces of hard cheese and iberico or parma ham. This would be as a light dinner. I find it very fresh with the Tuna Tartare or the Salmon Roll. but try for yourself.
As I very often recommend, have it with a little piece of bread if you for instance will have the leftovers for lunch. This will be the Almond Flour Bun or the Crisp Bread.

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