Category: Drinks

A Simple Ginger-Turmeric Shot

Here is how to make a simple ginger-turmeric shot that can be stored for four days in your fridge. It is nice and strong, and you only need a small glass. I drink it in the morning but anytime will be fine. Ginger is known for reducing stomach problems such as nausea. Turmeric is fat-soluble so […]

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Super Delicious Smoothies

You can make smoothies of all “your lovely leftovers”! Well, excluded the meat and fish, I would recommend 🙂 Today I made these two super delicious smoothies of veggies and berries. The secret is good blender with power. They both have coconut milk, banana and broccoli as main ingredients. You should actually just go along and be creative. A blend […]

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A Vitalising Butter & Coconut Coffee

Living the LCHF Lifestyle you might expect getting quite tired of having eggs and bacon every morning, so why not renew it with the vitalising coconut & butter coffee? This leaves you with the possibility to choose a more light breakfast as the coffee is so heavy and fat. Yummy! Did you know that coconut oil can be classified as a superfood, and is […]

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