The Cauliflower Muffins

cauliflower muffinThese fantastic cauliflower muffins are made of blitzed cauliflower and eggs and cheese. Again a proper Low-Carb-High-Fat snack and at the same time extremely healthy.

Serve them together with salad, a little fruit, veggies or eggs for a nice and colourful brunch or snack.  They are lovely both when they are freshly made, but also served cold the next day.

This Cool Cauliflower Muffin is also a perfect companion when it comes to food to go. Grab just one and have also a little cucumber or cheese, and you’ll have the perfect little meal as lunch on the go.  Method below.

Method for the Cauliflower Muffins

cauliflower muffin_2Makes 10 pcs.
500 gr cauliflower, very finely chopped (use a foodprocessor)
1 large beaten egg
200 g grated full fat cheese
2 tsp Pofiber (dried potato fibres, I will try with HUSK or coconut fibres soon)
Salt and freshly ground pepper.

To make the perfect muffins, you need to remove the liquids from the cauliflower. After having blitzed the cauliflower in the foodprocessor you have to drain the liquid by putting it into a clean tea towel. Turn it around, and press the liquids out of it.

Afterwards mix the cauliflower with the beaten egg and the grated cheese, and with the salt and pepper.
Put the Put the dough in muffinforms and bake for 20 min in the oven at 200 C/400 F/Gasmark 6.

Variations; You can fry small pieces of bacon and mix into the dough before baking them. You can also add spices of your choice, e.g. basil, mint or coriander. Enjoy these Cauliflower Muffins!!


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