How To Make A Quick LCHF Breakfast


How to make a quick breakfast? You must absolutely avoid the common breakfasts such as sweetened yoghurt, cereals and bread because of the very high content of sugar and carbohydrates. And then what to do??? You need a full fat breakfast, and can go easy on the lunch. The cornerstone in your LCHF life is the healthy fat, which makes you stay satiated. Ensure to get enough fat in your diet even in the morning. It can be challenging to some especially if you’re brought up on the low fat theories.
If you don’t feel comfortable with that then give it a chance and find your own balance. The worst part can be the reactions from people. Be brave! Stay humble to the main principles. This is your body, your wellbeing and your future! Find examples of quickies below.

How To Do An LCHF breakfast

breakfast dish 3

Always ensure to have eggs and bacon, dry cured ham or pancetta in your kitchen. Regarding bacon and ham, choose the best quality. No additives if possible, which can be hard to find. Start reading the labels or find a butcher, you can trust.
Add whatever fresh vegetable or berries you love such as avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, blueberries, salad or peas. Guacamole and hummus are my favourites though hummus should be moderated due to the starch from the chickpeas. (More about resistent starch later. It can be OK in moderations. Feel free to pose a question before I get there.)




It is easy to fry eggs and bacon. Make soft boiled eggs by placing them in a pot with cold water. When it boils, leave them simmering for 2 min. and 40 seconds. These are basic ingredients of a quick breakfast. Style the eggs with whatever you have left in your fridge. Even beef would be nice. I add butter and Tabasco. Bacon, iberico ham, salad, chili, chives and salt. Cucumber, watercress, a little piece of aubergine, avocado or cheese would definitely add colours and taste to the dish.
I like fried haloumi, which is very easy to prepare. Do you find the examples beautifully arranged for the shootings, they are not. This is how my breakfast look every day. I don’t spend hours on that. I just look into my fridge and do something with what is present.

breakfast dish

You could make an omelet of the same ingredients by mixing the eggs with cream. Find more inspiration about that in my Gallery of Breakfasts. use cheese, shiitake mushrooms and spinach in omelettes. Two eggs and cream.

Bear in mind, the breakfast is one of the most important during your day, so make it nice and fat!

Have Panini or Crispbread on the side and a Coconut Coffee – it all depends on your planning. Enjoy your beautiful breakfast.

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