Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

salmon cream cheese rollI will share a super easy recipe for a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, which must be the most delicious salmon and cream cheese snack ever. Buy a lot of sliced salmon of the best quality, full fat cream cheese, cucumber and lemon. There are many possibilities for seasoning the salmon & cream cheese paste, like dill and chives.
The salmon roll in the picture on your right is made with finely chopped cucumber.

There are two important things in making the salmon and cream cheese roll; getting an expert in rolling the stuff together and more important – never use light products! The cheese should be a healthy product with its natural fat content. Recipe below.

How to Make a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

Serves 4-6 as a starter.
Around 600 g sliced salmon
150 g full fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1/2 a cucumber, chopped and sliced (se pics)
30-50 ml lemon juice
Freshly ground pepper

Step 1

salmon rollsalmon roll_2Place half of your salmon slices on a piece of cling film like shown on the pics. It ought to be a nice square form. Make sure the slices overlap a little otherwise the roll will be too difficult to gather nicely.  The width of the salmon layer ought to be around 30-32 cm, and the height (to become the length)  around 25 cm.

Step 2

salmon cheese rollChop the rest of the salmon into tiny pieces. Mix the chopped salmon with the cream cheese and the finely chopped cucumber. You don’t have to add salt, but freshly ground pepper would be good.
Spread the chopped salmon & cream cheese paste onto the layer of sliced salmon, (see pic below) and make it a nice flat rollable thing. Roll it carefully by the help of the clingfilm, which you naturally must remove during the making of the roll. When you’re finished, close the cling film around the roll at put thin the fridge for an hour. Afterwards you can slice it carefully with a sharp knife!


salmon roll_3Serving suggestions;
It would be fantastic to serve this roll with slices of avocado, more lemon and a piece of toasted bread. Find inspiration for the bread here; either the Lovely Almond Flour Bun or the LCHF Panini.
I also recommend the Crisp-bread, as the contrast of the crispy seeds to the smooth salmon is very nice.

Enjoy your fantastic starter!
And by the way, it is super delicious as a snack or as a part of a brunch too!

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