Winter Days Tasting Cheese in The Hague

Hague tasting cheese

This is about spending a few winter days in the Hague tasting cheese. My two grown up kids live in The Hague where they are both studying Fine Arts.
The Hague reminds me of Copenhagen in Denmark, where I lived for many years.
If you travel to The Netherlands, you must go visit The Hague, which is quite different from Amsterdam. The Hague is calm and beautiful, and there are only a few tourists especially during the winter.
There are nice food shopping options. Visit the organic supermarkets called Ekoplaza, and best of all; the cheese shop called Ed Boele in Fahrenheitstraat!! For many years this shop won a price of being the best cheese shop in the Netherlands.
See picture from the shop.

Where to go for tasting cheese in The Hague

Hague tasting cheeseWe found this fantastic cheese shop, Ed Boele, by chance. We walked down Fahrenheitstraat to explore the area, and to enjoy the afternoon and eat Kippeling, which is fresh deep fried fish served from a food truck. These Kippelings are fantastic!

The lucky punch though was finding this cheese shop. We bought six different kinds of cheese and olives as well.

Please find a Dutch webpage for the Ed Boele cheese shop, and also the Facebook profile for more information. I have never in my relatively long life as a cheese lover experienced a better cheese shop. This is the pure love of good quality and taste!

Remember also, that cheese bites are always super good as an LCHF snack on-the-go as long as you don’t choose the ones that comes with a strong odour 🙂 not everybody loves cheese.

 When you bring your cheese back home and need inspiration for a proper LCHF bread, you can use these three types of bread, panini, almond flour bun or crisp bread.

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