A Cabbalicious Cabbage & Ginger Dish

I’m sorry! I got carried away using a word like cabbalicious, but you see, the dish is cooked with cabbage, cream, chili and ginger, and doesn’t look super fantastic in the picture, but it is indeed! That’s why I had to give it a very special name!

Again and as always I recommend that you balance all your meals, and for instance accompany this dish by at least one more. Becoming an LCHF freak you need to know that this meal contains lots of fibres and some fat, but not enough. If  this is your main dish, you could add another veggie dish, eggs, cheese or ham, fried fish or lightly smoked salmon and eventually mayonnaise depending on which you choose. Well, the recipe is the easiest ever! Try it out!

How To Do The Cabbalicious Cabbage

Serves 2-3

IMG_36051 medium-sized pointed cabbage, chopped into thin slices
Chili adjusted to your taste (I use 1/3 of one of the small strong ones)
40 g of peeled fresh ginger, chopped into small pieces
Eventually a little white wine. like 50 ml
50 ml cream – equal to 1/4 cup
Salt and pepper
Flavourless coconut oil for frying (re shopping, look at this page)

Put 2 tbsp coconut oil on a pan and heat it
Put the sliced ginger into the heated oil for 2 minutes
Add the sliced cabbage (and chili), fry it for 5 minutes, keep it moving
Add salt and pepper, and keep heating it for 3 more minutes
Add the cream and let it heat up and evaporate
And serve your cabbalicious cabbage dish with a little lime!


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