What To Do With Your Lovely Leftovers

lovely-leftoversWell, what do I mean when I frequently refer to Your Lovely Leftovers??  If you’re used to quick dinners like take-away or if you don’t like to cook at all, then for sure you’d never have thought of leftovers as something lovely.
If however you will take my experiences of the LowCarb-HighFat Lifestyle into consideration, you will from now on always have the most lovely leftovers in your fridge.
My husband travels a lot, and my two grown-up children lives abroad. I myself live for the love of fabulous food even when I’m on my own. The unbaked pizza in the picture was my dinner last night (10 min in the oven at 220 degrees C). All made of leftovers from our week together. Nice!  Have a look below to get inspired for your own selection of pizze.

How Do I Produce Lovely Leftovers?

Last time I made my pizza, I made a big portion of crust. So today being on my own I just had to style the crust, which I defrosted. They were in my freezer. Actually they become more dry and crunchy after being frozen. I just found a limp mushroom, a soft tomato, a piece of chorizo, a little forgotten radicchio (my favourite salad), which is perfect for pizza. It turns sweet when heated. I had black olive paste (tapenade) and a can of peeled tomatoes to put underneath. The artichokes are almost always in my kitchen, and so is the different kind of cheese.  This it it. Any other ideas? I’ll present a couple more of my favourite leftover snacks.

lovely leftoversThis was a quickie (see picture on the right).
I often eat my leftovers for breakfast. I hate feeling hungry two hours after my breakfast, which luckily hardly ever happens due to the LCHF lifestyle. Just remember the healthy fat that makes you satiated. This dish might have been served with two fried eggs instead of one. It comes with the leftovers from last nights dinner, half an avocado and a little salad. The leftovers was spicy minced lamb and a couple of shiitake mushrooms fried with the eggs. Pour olive oil on top or add butter to your eggs when they are still warm.

Inspiration with Bread

lovely-leftoversIf you could learn always to have the panini in your fridge or freezer you’re well off. It will defrost quickly. When I’m in a hurry, I slice a piece of panini into two halves, and put them in the toaster. I then add cheese, ham, mayonnaise, a couple of tomatoes and artichokes. Voila! – a nice sandwich. You can of course add green leaves. herbs, radishes, water cress, and red pepper if you’ve got itIf by any chance you have a piece of meat or fish, this will do fine instead of the ham. You could also make a veggie-sandwich without meat or fish. Find for instance this here. You should never throw out fresh food. Even half an onion would do a difference next day. It is a question of adapting to the way of living, finding pleasure in every bit of food of good quality and get inspired.


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