The Best Basic Mayonnaise

My recipe for a Basic Mayonnaise comes here. Whilst Living a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, you will very soon notice, you need to have a high quality mayonnaise as a basic thing in your fridge. Together with most of your meals you will be better off if you add butter, mayonnaise or olive oil. Some people find the taste of olive oil too strong though. As described in the generel information about LCHF, you can not use other types of oil (in these amounts) than olive, avocado oil and some nut oils. Avocado oil will be fine for this mayonnaise, but expect a more green mayonnaise.
I will subsequently make variations to this basic mayonnaise together with other dips.

How To Prepare The Best Mayonnaise

A small portion, like the one on the picture  comes out of the following;

1 free range egg, use the whole egg
200 ml olive oil
1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
3 teaspoons of vinegar, best to choose white wine vinegar
A little salt

Put everything together in a jar, which can contain this together with your handblender.
I beat the egg first and then afterwards pour the oil on top. It will immediately mix up, but wait until the oil covers the egg before you blend.
Place the handblender in the jar, and start blending while you very slowly raise the blender towards the top of the jar. You have to decide for yourself which kind of consistency you mayo should have. The more you blend the thicker it gets.

Now your lovely mayonnaise is ready for use. You can easily keep in in the fridge for 3-4 days. Please choose a jar with a lid. That makes it easier. Regarding different flavours, you might experiment with chili, garlic and lemon together or apart. I love the chili mayo myself!

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