Category: Starters

Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

I will share a super easy recipe for a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, which must be the most delicious salmon and cream cheese snack ever. Buy a lot of sliced salmon of the best quality, full fat cream cheese, cucumber and lemon. There are many possibilities for seasoning the salmon & cream cheese paste, like dill and […]

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A Tantalising Tuna Tartare

This tantalising tuna tartare is a wonderful dish, which I recently had on a trip to Venice. It is a fantastic and at the same time a very simple recipe. Ensure to buy tuna that’s caught in a sustainable and respectable way. Ask your supplier or read this. Also tell your fish monger that you’ll use the tuna […]

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An Austrian Creamy Wine Soup

My husband had this creamy wine soup in Austria years ago during a professional collaboration with an Italian entrepreneur. Quite frequently they held meetings with an austrian subcontractor, and they enjoyed this super delicious soup before going back home. He always came back to Denmark, where we lived at that time, and told me about this fantastic and creamy […]

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