Bell Peppers Anchovies

Bell peppers anchoviesI’m addicted to both bell pepper and anchovies, so why not fill bell peppers with anchovies, tomatoes, basil leaves and garlic? This dish is perfect both as a side, and also as a main if you prefer mainly veggies. If so, serve it for instance with fried aubergines or fried cabbage, and with cheese and hard boiled eggs on the side.
Prepare 1 or 2 bell peppers per person depending of the size of the them. I fancy the dish with a little spot of melted cheese on the top as well, either mozzarella or feta, which make a nice smooth element together with the salty anchovies. Another variation is adding capers, choose big, top quality capers!
Find recipe below.

How to do Bell Peppers & Anchovies

Serves 3-4

3 red bell peppers
8-12 anchovies (the salty ones from a glass)
10-12 tomatoes, peeled
3 cloves of garlic, sliced
Balsamico & 5 tbsp olive oil
A bunch of basil leaves
Salt and freshly grounded pepper

Start peeling the tomatoes. Wash them, pour boiling water over them so they are covered. let them rest for 2 minutes. Pour the water off, and let them cool a little bit, so you can hold them. Tear off the skin, use a little sharp knife.

Heat the oven, 190 C/375 F/gas mark 5.
Wash the bell peppers and cut them lengthways in halves. Keep the stalks on for a nicer look.
Place them in a medium size roasting tray or the like, and put sliced garlic on top.
Stuff the peeled tomatoes into the peppers.
Sprinkle balsamico, salt and pepper. Spoon the olive oil over the peppers.
Put the dish in the preheated oven, and bake for 45-60 min on 190 C/375F/gas mark 5.

After baking, let it rest a little and try to spoon the juice in the bottom of the roasting tray over the bell peppers.
Place the anchovies like shown on the picture. You might divide the anchovies in halves if you like them thinner.

Place the basil leaves nicely over the bell peppers and anchovies and serve! You could serve this with fried fish, and with bread also. With warm thanks to Simon Hopkinson for a great inspiration. Enjoy!





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