How to do Awesome LCHF Brunches

brunches-iberico-hamFind methods here to quickly make absolutely awesome brunches using Iberico ham. I have had a home in Andalucia for ten years, and I often travel from London to Spain. Whenever I can, I bring home a piece of Iberico Ham, and it is always a sad day, when we eat the last piece. I have a lot of different ideas of using this gorgeous product, and I will keep posting about that. You can make almost any nice brunch divine while adding Iberico ham.

Iberico ham comes in a numerous different qualities, so be sure to have a taste in the shop in order to choose the one you will love the most. You can have it vacuum packed in the store for an easier trip back home.

Ideas for LCHF Brunches

brunches-ibericoFor the nice LCHF brunches you can work with leftovers from the day before, and with crunchy salad, with hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, anchovies, radish and/or berries. I myself like a sprinkle of a very good balsamico. Top it with olive oil and salt.

If you fancy fruit but still want to stay low carb, you should only use a small amount. On the picture to the left, you’ll see a little sliced papaya, which isn’t sweet and contains only few carbs, and still it is so fresh and delicious for an LCHF Brunch. It’s lovely with a small handful of raspberries or blueberries. Strawberries are also good with the ham.

Brunches-ibericoI hope you like the dishes primarily composed with my favourite, the Iberico Ham. By all means, EAT the lovely lard in the ham. This healthy and natural fat is gold for an LCHF maniac. If in any case you shouldn’t feel like it, you can instead add mayonnaise , which also will be perfect with the eggs. If you feel more hungry and love bread, have a piece of Crispbread or LCHF Panini together with the brunch dish.  Enjoy!

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