A Cold Sword Fish Salad With Warm Creamed Spinach

This is a cold sword fish salad with warm creamy spinach. The salad is mainly made of leftovers. If you have grilled or fryed fish for dinner, and you have leftovers, you should use it for this salad next day. I had it for dinner, but it will be amazing for lunch as well. You must use a firm fish as redfish, swordfish or tuna. I don’t think mackerel will do. The recipe is for the fish salad only. Regarding the spinach as the side dish, please just put handful of raw spinach per person in a pot, evaporate for 2 minutes, pour away the water, add cream and salt and boil again for 1 minute. Add a little butter and serve. Voila!

How To Do The Cold Sword Fish Salad

Serves 3 persons for dinner, use less fish if it’s a salad/lunch

Around 350-400 g of baked or grilled firm fish in chunky pieces, suggested swordfish, redfish or tuna.
Dressing made of;
100 ml the best basic mayonnaise
100 ml yoghurt, the 10% greek one
3 tablespoons of the best olive oil (you can leave this out, but I prefer this olive taste with the lemon/lime juice and chili)
Tabasco, I recommend 10-12 drops
Juice from 1 lime or 1/2 lemon (you can adjust this)
1 clove of garlic, crushed
Salt and pepper if you like more than whites in the fish and the mayo
Chopped chili, amount adjusted to your taste (on the pic is both yellow and red chili)

Pour it all together, stir, and carefully turn the chunky fish into the dressing. Sprinkle with a little more chili (or chives) and serve!

Tips & Tricks

cold-swordfish-saladYou can style this fish salad in many ways. Add chopped onions, chives and leeks. I had tomatoes on the side but they might have gone into the salad as well.

I think the fish salad served with a big bowl of mixed salad would be fantastic. Serve bread with the fish salad or you can put the fish salad on top of a piece of toasted panini.


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