Category: Bread

Glutenfree Bread with Seeds and Nuts

This is my glutenfree bread made with seeds and nuts. It resembles the dark and dense bread from Denmark, called rugbroed, pronouncedlike ‘roo-broll’. You can get similar bread types called pumpernickel, only they are often sweetened. Please find below my recipe for this fantastic LCHF bread made without flour or grains but only made using seeds […]

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Super Sandwich Bread

This is a recipe for The Super Sandwich Bread, transforming from my Lovely Panini and becoming a new favourite. During 2015 I relocated from Denmark to the UK, and later to Canada, where I live now. The recipe is a variation of the Lovely Panini, although, as I can’t find Pofiber neither in United Kingdom nor in […]

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The Lovely Almond Flour Bun

This is the most lovely bun made with almond flour instead of coconut fibres, which I use in the Never Beaten Bun. Maybe you’ve tried this other bun already? It’s a little sweeter, but sugar free. The sweet taste comes from the coconut fibres. From time to time though I need bread that with a more neutral taste, and […]

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