LCHF Food Recommendations

Food RecommendationsThese LCHF Food recommendations of mine are basic principles. Following a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle you should think of food as simple, clean and natural. Eat lots of healthy fat instead of carbs. You just changed your body fuel from carbs to fat and as a matter of fact 80 % of your meals should be fat. That is specifically challenging to ensure when you’re eating out or buy food in a lunch break.

When you are shopping groceries try to be conscious about what is clean and natural, and what is processed food. Read the declarations if you’re in doubt.
Don’t ever go for the processed food as it is produced in the most arbitrary ways, and contain treated or artificial ingredients as well as additives of mysteriously origins. You can prepare lots of lovely dishes using raw and plain ingredients.

Of dairy products I recommend organic and non-homogenised products. It’s difficult to get non-homogenized products all over the world except from the European continent.  We need the good fat particles to be in a natural shape and not beaten into micro-particles.

Simple LCHF Food Recommendations

Meat, choose the best and fat quality; free range, organic, and grass fed
Fish of all kinds, especially salmon and mackerel
Shellfish, and serve with a lot of homemade Mayonnaise
Eggs, free range or organic
Cheese of all kinds though the hard types are the best. Never the fat-reduced
Vegetables and leaves grown above the soil, go easy on roots, no potatoes either
Healthy fats such as butter, lard, ghee and oils, choose olive, avocado and occasionally rapeseed oil
Nuts and seeds,  eat with moderation due to the carb content
Chia seeds for chia porridge or baking
Full fat dairy products, cream, fullfat milk, sour cream, cottage cheese
Alternatives to dairy products, such as coconut milk, coconut yoghurt without sugar of course
Berries, where blackberries, blueberries are the best
Fruit in very small amounts due to the content of fructose, eat it only as a drizzle of taste

food recommendations

Sugar and fructose, beware of fructose in fruits and juices, see also the post about a Carb Counter
Any product that is industrially reduced in fat and labelled light
Grains, no bread, no wheat, oats, and barley
Starch, that is products as pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, beans and lentils
Yeast, use baking soda
Soy products
Seed oil due to the content of the Omega 6
Trans fatty acids, as for example margerine
Artificial sweeteners
Beware of products labelled “low carb”, they are so artificial

ENJOY dry wines or champagne with moderation.
Coffee and all kinds of tea are good for you as long as it comes without sugar. Add cream or coconut oil
Water, still and sparkling
Coconut water

AVOID all kinds of beer and cider as these beverages contain very high levels of carbohydrates
All sweet softdrinks
Cocktails as they are made of items containing lots of sugar, enjoy maybe only twice a month