First of all welcome and thank you for dropping by my blog, which is about my passion for LCHF, and fabulous and healthy food. It’s great to have you here. I wish to share my knowledge of The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle with a global focus based on my experiences from the countries I know of and have lived in.


The Low Carb High Fat lifestyle is the content of my blog. Having followed the advice myself since 2014, I feel my health and weel-being has improved radically. It is very simple once you get the few basic rules. It is (almost) as simple as this:
Use clean and non-processed products, no starch or sugar, and lots of healthy fat. No industrial processed products. Buy the real thing and cook!

About LCHF and the blog

My recipes can be used by everyone. I hope to inspire you to try this fantastic lifestyle. This blog will concentrate on the theories behind LCHF, on how to eat and what to avoid, and most of all good recipes. The latter to be currently extended.
If you have an interest in trying this, you most likely already have had experiences with an aching and voluminous stomach specifically in the evening, maybe daily headaches without an understandable reason, or an unbalanced blood sugar, fatigue and overweight. You experience sugar cravings, and you fell hungry shortly after having eaten. Diabetes 2 patients can adapt the LCHF lifestyle with good reason and with no fear. If you happen to a diabetes 1 patient, please see www.dietdoctor.com for further investigations and explanations, and do not make changes to your lifestyle before having consulted your doctor.

I will add recipes frequently and post other objects such as guidance and Tips & Tricks. I hope this information will be inspiring and helpful for you. Otherwise don’t hesitate to send comments and proposals to me. Enjoy your LCHF life!

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