Category: Sides

Fabulous Fennel Cream

This Fabulous Fennel Cream is made of very few ingredients. It is very easy to do. You’ll need an hour, and you’ll need a good blender as well. It’s mainly made of fennel, onions and a hard cheese. I wouldn’t keep the fennel cream in the fridge for more than three days, but in that period […]

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Bell Peppers Anchovies

I’m addicted to both bell pepper and anchovies, so why not fill bell peppers with anchovies, tomatoes, basil leaves and garlic? This dish is perfect both as a side, and also as a main if you prefer mainly veggies. If so, serve it for instance with fried aubergines or fried cabbage, and with cheese and hard […]

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The Super Simple Salad School

This is the Super Simple Salad School of LCHFLondon. Find quick and simple versions of salads for your dinner and your lunch as well. I will inspire you to make these delicious salads every day. Nothing less. Freshly and homemade salad is on my table every day. An important thing is to change your salad a little […]

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