LCHF Questions No. 1

To be honest I don’t get many LCHF questions for the time being, which is why I have decided to make some answers beforehand. I feel privileged being able to guide others as a fulltime blogger, so fire loose!
I would like to stress that my blog is for the joy of low-carb-high-fat food and lifestyle, which is why I try to make my meals healthy, beautiful and delicious everyday. Find the joy in your food and don’t punish yourself. If you need medical advice or more data, I can guide you to other high-quality websites supported by health authorities. I introduce the most common doubts in this ‘LCHF Questions No’ 1 below.

questions-lots-answersIs this a healthy LCHF option? (see pic on your right) Answer; It would be a common belief but unfortunately it is not a good choice because the fruit altogether represent around four times as much glucose and carbohydrates than what should be your daily minimum. The bread is a no-go as well, even if you find low-carb bread, as this often is full of additives. Beware of hidden sugar in your food. You could have half of the berries, and half of the banana shown. No orange. Your cravings for fruit vanishes though when you change your body fuel from carbs to fat.
Believe me! LCHF Questions No.1 to be answered below.

LCHF Questions No. 1 – and the Answers

Questions about Fat versus Carbs

Why not eat carbs?  Answer; Your body breaks down carbohydrates to sugar, which is absorbed into the blood and raises the blood glucose levels. This increases the production of insulin, a fat storing hormone, and therefore prevents fat burning. Furthermore it stores surplus nutrients and the process can start all over again. This creates a cycle leading to weight gain. So no matter how much you eat, your body will go in search of more food. The result is that you will feel hungry more often and more likely will dive into the snack drawer. A low intake of carbs on the other hand creates a stable low blood glucose.

Why eat all that fat?  Answer; When you go low carb your body needs another energy source, which is the whole idea behind this lifestyle; the shift from carbs to fat. The body burns the fat even if you don’t do anything. The fat burning process increases automatically. So you have to get rid of any bad feeling about the large fat intake, it is important. But always choose the healthy fat. Read more about LCHF Recommendations. The worst combination is low carb low fat. In that case your body will stay completely un-satiated, and you will soon lack energy.

What kind of fat is the best? Answer; You can eat all you want of butter, coconut oil, lard, avocado oil and olive oil. Fat from dairy products gives you a little more carbs and lactose so keep the intake a little lower. Natural fat from meat and fish is fabulous. Read more about the subject here; LCHF Recommendations.

Questions about Weight Loss

When will I see a weight loss? Answer; You should feel a change in your body quite quick depending on how you start out on your new lifestyle. If you lower your carb intake immediately you will feel better and energised already within a week. You’ll see the first signs of weight loss on your belly and around your waist within a couple of weeks.

Will I lose more fat lowering the daily fat intake and as such increase my fat burning process? Answer; It might seem logical, but I don’t recommend that as long as you will remain un-satiated. It’s a bad way to enter the lifestyle. You will feel hunger and feel tired, which you wouldn’t while following the good LCHF advice. The fat burning process will automatically proceed anyway, and the stored fat of your body will disappear as a natural process. You are better off getting used to the food and find a nice balance.

Questions about Cholesterol

Will my cholesterol level increase? Answer; A low-carb-high-fat lifestyle results in an improved cholesterol profile, indicating a lower risk of heart disease, and this is due to the rise of the cholesterol named HDL, known as the good one. The other type called LDL was traditionally spoken of as the bad cholesterol, but studies show that even this type of cholesterol can help you stay healthy. Your cholesterol level will most likely increase but in a good way, because when the HDL rises it creates an important and sound balance with the LDL cholesterol. The common perception of fat being the devil in your cholesterol level and leading directly to heart disease, is proven wrong. (Source

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