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Kimchi Pork Belly Stew

The Kimchi Pork Belly Stew is a made of kimchi and pork belly as the title says. You can use any meat you like though, but following a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, pork belly is eminent. If you don’t fancy, meat mushrooms will be a good substitute. I haven’t made the Kimchi myself yet but I would like […]

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Chicken Fillets Saltimbocca

Chicken Fillets Saltimbocca will make any thought like “oh no, chicken once again” vanish for ever. Treating a simple chicken fillet as if it was the Italian Veal Saltimbocca will definitely make you and your guests feel very comfortable. It is simply chicken fillets, parma or iberico ham, lemon zest and sage or rosemary. In […]

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My Marvellous Meat Balls

Meat balls can be extremely boring, and only very seldom I would call them marvellous. I’m sure you agree that it’s difficult to turn minced meat into a sexy dish, but these marvellous meat balls of mine are simply the best in town!! Or maybe in the UK. Try them! I have worked on this recipe for years, and the whole […]

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