Ginger-Lime Marinated Fresh Salmon

This is my recipe for marinated fresh salmon with a mix of ginger, lime and olive oil. I loved the recipe even before I learned about LCHF. By the way, you can eat many traditionally recipes as long as you stick to the general LCHF advice;
Think clean, no additives, no light products, no preprocessed food, no sugar and no starch (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, beans etc.) You can easily prepare an LCHF dinner with a nice piece of fish or meat and a variety of vegetables accompanied by a good mayonnaise or butter or olive oil. Viola! Use your fantasy, and enjoy this lovely meal. No hurry.

I found this lovely recipe in my stash!  It’s made with raw salmon, which is why you must ensure the salmon has been frozen for 24 hours before using it. Ask your fish monger if you’re in doubt.

How To Make The Ginger-Lime Marinated Salmon

Serves 2-3 for a light dinner, 4-5 for lunch.

ginger-lime400 g fresh salmon, put it in your freezer for 24 hours
Defrost slowly in your fridge ( see method below)
The juice of 3 big limes or 2 organic lemons (the organic are sweeter)
80-100 grammes of ginger, peeled
1 dl olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cut the fish into very thin slices when partly defrosted.
It’s possible because it’s still hard and cold.
Cut the ginger as well into very small pieces, like minature match sticks.


ginger-lime-salmonIn a perfect world; start around 5-6 hours before you will serve the dish.
If it’s a dinner for a working day, you can take it out of your freezer the night before, and put it into your fridge during the night.
Plan 15 more minutes available in the morning, slice the salmon and put it on a plate like you see in the picture.

Pour the lime juice,  add salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Cover with clingfilm, put it in your fridge, and go to work. When you come home, slice the ginger, and add to the dish. Make sure it’s spread amongst the slices of salmon. If you manage, it will be preferable to do this in the morning as well, but in any case this plan will work.

You can store leftovers for maximum 2 days if stored cold. The colour of the raw salmon will fade due to the lime juice. You can see it in the pictures. Serve with a mixed salad, or watercress and crispbread or cauliflower salad.



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