Coconut Fat Bombs

coconut fat bombs_1This is a good recipe for coconut fat bombs, which provide the healthy fat in a concentrated form. They appear with a little structure and will not completely melt when you hold one, which fat bombs often do. These are made with butter and cream cheese. If you’re looking for dairy free fat bombs these won’t work. I will make another post later on dairy free fat bombs, I promise.
You can freeze them, and if you do so, make sure to let them soften smoothly over an hour in the fridge before serving them. This portion makes 20 fat bombs.  Enjoy your fat heaven!

How To Do Coconut Fat Bombs

Makes 20 pcs.

250 gr softened unsalted butter
120 gr cream cheese
250 gr grated coconut, save a little for drizzling
2 tbsp Sukrin Gold or 1 tbsp Stevia powder
6 tbsp strong coffee
6 tbsp raw cacao powder

Mix the butter and the cream cheese thoroughly in a bowl.
Add the grated coconut and the coffee.
Mix a little more, and then add the rest, the Sukrin and the cacao powder.

Ensure the ingredients are well mixed together. I just use a spoon or a fork. You don’t need a mixer.
When the mass seems homogeneous, make bombs using a tablespoon. It’s a little sticky mass, but with a spoon it will be easy.
Drizzle with a little more grated coconut, or even roll them in the coconut. You might like to add flavour or spices to your fat bombs. If so, you could use rum instead of coffee, add chili powder or vanilla powder. Put them in the freezer for an hour or just store them in the fridge.



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