Mrs. Bee

mrs bee

I’m Birgitte, Mrs. Bee, and I’m a Danish architect and writer with a lot of projects. Amongst other things I cook and write about LCHF as it is my passion. I changed the scene of my life in 2015 by leaving Denmark, my country, in order to live with my husband in London, UK, where he had been working for years. During summer 2017 we went to stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and again during the pandemic in 2020 we succeeded moving to Berlin, Germany, where we will stay for some years. I’m excited to have the opportunity to travel and to settle in different parts of the world. It is a huge cultural experience to have to integrate and learn the systems and the mindset of people.

mrs bee

For years we have been staying in The Netherlands due to our children’s educational opportunities. In Spain we all meet in our country house. Experiences finding the full-fat, non-sweetened and non-processed food as well as non-homogenised dairy products are also of this website. 

Mrs. Bee and LCHF thoughts

Me and my family have been following the LCHF advice for several years. You could call the Low Carb High Fat recommendations a diet, but I prefer to call it a lifestyle. For me it is a way of living, eating and treating oneself in the best possible way. I believe in natural foods, minimally processed when bought, and lacking sugar, starch and grains, and additives. I never eat processed food. I personally feel energetic and light-footed as ever.
Eating proper LCHF food means staying satiated and not feeling hungry two hours after having had a meal, which I used to do. I never have cravings for sweets any more. I allow for a low level of carbohydrates from natural sources in my diet though. I hope you will find this website inspiring. Please feel free to leave a comment on my Contact page (under reconstruction March 2021), and also follow me on Instagram.

Credits from Mrs. Bee
I am very inspired by two websites, the Swedish,, and the Danish Thanks for great inspiration.
I follow Dr. Aseem Malhotra, wherever I can, and Dr. Lustig as well, and I will occasionally refer to their findings.
Regarding pics: Thanks to Annie Spratt for the use of a photo (cows). Jez Timms for the Featured Image on LCHF Questions no 1, and Jannis Brandt for the small one with fruits and avocado.