Category: Salads

Chicken Chili Berries Salad

This salad with cold chicken, chili and berries is another lovely meal made of leftovers. If you have chicken meat left, turn to this recipe. As you might have discovered from earlier posts, I am the Queen of Leftovers. Cold chicken can be completely uninspiring whilst looking at you from the fridge, but it can also be the most perfect […]

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The Super Simple Salad School

This is the Super Simple Salad School of LCHFLondon. Find quick and simple versions of salads for your dinner and your lunch as well. I will inspire you to make these delicious salads every day. Nothing less. Freshly and homemade salad is on my table every day. An important thing is to change your salad a little […]

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Fennel Radish Pear Salad

This fantastic salad is made of fennel, radish and pear sliced with a mandolin, see picture in the recipe below. If you don’t have a mandolin like that, you could slice the fennel and radish very thinly with a sharp knife. The pear is easier to get slice without a mandolin. I recommend a mandolin though, […]

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