Basic Ingredients For Cooking

I will describe what in the future will be the basic ingredients of your cooking. What matters most of all in my life is the love of real and healthy food, which is why I always have a lot of basic good stuff in my kitchen. Except from the fresh vegetables and meat and fish, I buy every day, this could be free range eggs, a variety of natural, healthy fats, different kinds of fibres to use for baking, and lots of green leaves and vegetables.  It is so smart to have things ready in your kitchen so you easily can make a good dinner and won’t be tempted to eat preprocessed take-away-food, sweets or comfort foods.

Tips And Tricks For Basic Ingredients

My sources of the good fat is coconut oil, coconut butter, almond butter, butter, olive oil, and cream. I store peanut butter as well for snacks and baking. (Please throw your margarine away for ever. It contains trans fat and, which directly is related to cardio vascular deceases.)
I use coconut oil for frying. You can get a special type without flavour, in case you don’t like the coconut taste within everything you fry!
I put cream in my eggs when preparing an omelet, and I add butter to a lot of hot dishes. (Please throw your margarine away for ever. It contains trans fat and, which directly is related to cardio vascular deceases.)

The fibres in my kitchen are coconut flour or coconut fibres (which often are the same with a slight change in textures), almond flour and psyllium fibres also known as HUSK, and pofibers, which is a Swedish product made of dried potato fibres. By the way, I am trying to find out where to buy Pofibers in Greater London, but I have still not succeeded so I bring them myself or order them online.
These other items can be purchased both in shops with focus on organic products and naturally on the internet.

I use seeds such as chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, which means I always have these products in my kitchen. Regarding nuts, I have almonds, cashew and pine nuts. Almonds should be soaked for a couple of hours before enjoying them. This is because we want to remove the physic acids, which represses digestion matters and prevent the body from absorbing the minerals.

I will later elaborate of what I use the things for specifically and what can be alternatives.

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