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Glutenfree Bread with Seeds and Nuts

This is my glutenfree bread made with seeds and nuts. It resembles the dark and dense bread from Denmark, called rugbroed, pronouncedlike ‘roo-broll’. You can get similar bread types called pumpernickel, only they are often sweetened. Please find below my recipe for this fantastic LCHF bread made without flour or grains but only made using seeds […]

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Restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’ll write about my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I will live in Parkdale in Toronto until 2020. I love it very much here, the city is beautiful, it’s large and widely sprawled, the community is vivid. We have still a lot of things to discover. We found several lovely restaurants, very different though. […]

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Restaurants in The Hague, The Netherlands

I like many restaurants in The Hague in The Netherlands. Below I listed my three favourite restaurants, all of which I visited several times since 2014. The Hague is a quiet city and seems homogenic due to it’s architecture. It feels friendly, and the option of easily getting to the sea is formidable. Food is […]

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