A Marinated Salmon with Kimchi And Fried Egg

This marinated salmon dish with Kimchi and fried egg is one of my favourite recipes. Actually it is my daughters recipe. She is a master in Asian-style food, whilst addicted to the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle as well. Pretty smart as we very often eat together!

As you might see from the picture I added shii take and fresh coriander, but you can actually use your favourite vegetables as long as you stick to the salmon and the Kimchi. Cucumber or tender stem would be fantastic.
The Kimchi is fermented kale, which you can make on your own. For this recipe and many others by the way, I bought it in a jar from my local ethnic grocery. I will make it myself one day. Stay tuned!

The Marinated Salmon With Kimchi

kimchi Serves 2

300 g of fresh salmon
– 50 ml sesame oil
– 50 ml olive oil
– 50 ml soy sauce
– 50 ml cold water to dissolve 1 teaspoon tamarind
– Ginger, either 1 tbsp ground organic ginger og 25 g finely copped fresh ginger
– Garlic as you like it
1,5 cup of kimchi
2 eggs
Celery, carrot, pak choi or cucumber in slices, take what you have and around a handful all in all
A handful of mushrooms (I prefer shii take,but chestnut is fine as well)
Fresh coriander, and eventually fresh garlic (which are leaves)
Lime juice

  1. Marinate the salmon for 1-2 hours. You can add a little more olive oil in order to cover the salmon thoroughly, if you find it necessary.
  2. Heat up a pan or a wok (I use a pan), and add flavourless coconut oil for frying.
  3. Fry the mushrooms – I use quite a lot flavourless coconut oil for this dish. So don’t hold back!
  4. Fry the kimchi kale until it is well heated, and afterwards fry the lighter vegetables such as celery, pak choi or cucumber. Leeks and tender stems would also be nice.
  5. Then fry the salmon for around 4-5 minutes depending of the thickness of your slices. If it is thin slices only fry for 3 minutes. You don’t have to remove the marinade, but eventually pour it into the pan while you finish the frying.
  6. You can fry the 2 eggs on a pan simultaneously, or you can do it as the last thing. It doesn’t matter if the salmon cools a little.
  7. Arrange the whole thing nicely in a bowl or a big plate with the salmon and the kimchi in the bottom, then the light vegetables, and the mushrooms and finally the fried egg, one for each person served, and the fresh coriander. You can add fresh chili in small slices too.
  8. Sprinkle with lime or lemon juice.

Enjoy this fantastic dish and add a mayonnaise for more healthy fat, and please also try and variations depending on your fridge. Should you end up with leftovers (i wouldn’t imagine!) then put it on top of a roasted panini.

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