Sliced Grilled Squash With Mint

Today I present a side dish made of sliced and grilled squash drizzled with mint leaves and chili. When you are living an LCHF lifestyle, you would often choose a piece of meat, a chicken or a fish for dinner unless you’re a vegetarian. Most people can fry a chicken or a steak or find the information of how to do.  I therefore reckon the fish dishes are the main dishes that need the most focus on my blog. Fish dishes are relatively easy and often fabulous, but if you don’t quite know how to do or which fish to choose, it might be so dull that you will never buy a fish again.
This side dish with go along with both fish and meat and also stand as a vegetarian dish together with one or two other veggie dishes. I recommend to have this with Ginger-Lime Marinated Fresh Salmon or The Fantastic Salmon Tartare Salad or eventually together with the Pizza With The Best Crunchy Cauliflower Crust and of course it will be fantastic to meatballs and a steak or fried fish as well.

How To Make The Sliced Grilled Squash

sliced-grilled-squashServes 3 (have one medium squash per person)

3 medium sized squash, sliced like 3 mm, max 4 mm
A handful of fresh mint
1 chili chopped into small pieces
Juice of 1 big lemon
50 ml olive oil
Salt and fresh ground pepper

Please note the picture on the right shows a variation with chopped radish and red chicory instead of mint and chili.

If you do not have a little grill pan, you should buy one. they are not expensive. Otherwise you can grill the sliced of squash outside, if you have the space and maybe a gas grill or a traditional one.

Put the slices in a bowl and give them a little olive oil like 1-2 tablespoons. Make sure they all are turned around in the oil.
Grill them on a hot grill, 2 minutes on each side. They should have colour like you see in the pictures. Place them on a big plate.  Add lemon juice and olive oil and let them cool a little. Add salt and pepper.
Chop the mint and the chili (you should find your own amount of chili), drizzle over the squash and serve.
I can be served cold as well and you can easily store leftovers in you fridge for a day. I would eat the rest for my breakfast the following morning together with bacon and eggs!
In the variation with radish and chicory, simply chop a bundle of radish and 1-2 red chicories, and serve together with the squash. I would also use a grilled aubergine if I had one.


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