Kimchi Pork Belly Stew

kimchi pork belly stewThe Kimchi Pork Belly Stew is a made of kimchi and pork belly as the title says. You can use any meat you like though, but following a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, pork belly is eminent. If you don’t fancy, meat mushrooms will be a good substitute. I haven’t made the Kimchi myself yet but I would like to do so one day, recipe to follow. Ensure to buy a good quality of both pork belly and Kimchi. I know that many of the Korean restaurants often sell their Kimchi from the counter both in Canada and in the UK.
If you store kimchi in your fridge you would within 15 minutes have a hot and flavourful stew on a cold winter day. You just need veggies and tofu. If you’re following a STRICT LCHF diet, leave the tofu out and add another egg instead.

How To Do The Kimchi Pork Belly Stew

kimchi pork belly stew

Serves 2

1 package silk tofu around 120 g
150 g pork belly sliced into pieces of 10 mm (or any other meat)
100 ml or around 1/2 cup thinly sliced kimchi
1 tsp sesame oil
2 scallions, finely chopped
1 tsp chili flakes, gochugaru, or chili paste gochujang
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp salt
Freshly ground pepper
200 ml good broth
2 to 3 tbsp juice from kimchi
1 or 2 eggs depending on the amount of other ingredients such as mushrooms – or depending on your taste

Slice the pork belly and kimchi into small pieces, and put it into a pot on medium heat.
Add the chilli flakes, the garlic and the sesame oil
Stir fry for 4 minutes
Pour the broth into the pot, and the kimchi juice as well
Let it boil for 4 minutes, and if needed skim it
Add the soft tofu, and the salt and pepper
Cook for 5 minutes, and if you fancy an egg, crack it into the stew while it’s still boiling
Add the chopped scallion just before serving. Voila! Enjoy your fabulous Kimchi Pork Belly Stew!!

Serving suggestions for the Kimchi Pork Belly Stew

I recommend the Never Beaten Bun with a lot of butter and more salt. Furthermore the Cabbaliciuos Cabbage cold make a nice side dish and make it serve three instead.

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