Slices Of Beef On A Layer Of Salad

This is how to make a nice dinner with slices of lovely tender beef on a layer of salad or any other raw vegetables.

In my family we are trying to reduce our intake of meat both due to sustainable reasons but also due to a greater wellbeing. I feel, that when I succeed balancing vegetables and meat, I feel better than if do not. So an intake of 100 grammes of meat in a dinner is more than enough, which means you can buy one beef for your family and share it depending of the size of your family. I love meat, but I think we need much less than what is suggested in many recipes.

A salad with slices of beef

Put a layer of rocket salad and or spinach on a big plate. I love radicchio as well, so choose your favourite salad.
Fry an aubergine or two (depending on the size and also your love for aubergines). Cool it for a few minutes.
If you need help for frying the aubergines, I can tell you I fry mine in a lot of flavourless coconut oil. You have to put a little bit of weight on them during the frying with the help of the spatula. It helps taking the fluids out of them. Sprinkle with salt and lemon juice.

Fry your beef quickly on a grill pan or what kind of pan you have. Salt and pepper. Let it rest for a few minutes. Slice it and put the aubergines and the beef on top of the salad.

Styling of this dish could vary and depends on what you’ve got in your fridge. You can put burrata/mozarella on the top. Onion and tomatoes would be fine. Artichokes as well. Cucumber and avocado could be lovely ingredients, so take a look at it and be creative. The salad and the beef are just the basics.

The dressing depends on your taste, but please never go for the pre-prepared dressings. Make your own and if you don’t know how to do, I will catch up with ideas – and before that, just add pure love oil, salt and lemon juice or balsamico. You might also add lemon zest, but be aware to buy only organic lemons. Enjoy your salad!




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