Category: Snacks

The Cauliflower Muffins

These fantastic cauliflower muffins are made of blitzed cauliflower and eggs and cheese. Again a proper Low-Carb-High-Fat snack and at the same time extremely healthy. Serve them together with salad, a little fruit, veggies or eggs for a nice and colourful brunch or snack.  They are lovely both when they are freshly made, but also served […]

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Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

I will share a super easy recipe for a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, which must be the most delicious salmon and cream cheese snack ever. Buy a lot of sliced salmon of the best quality, full fat cream cheese, cucumber and lemon. There are many possibilities for seasoning the salmon & cream cheese paste, like dill and […]

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A Vitalising Butter & Coconut Coffee

Living the LCHF Lifestyle you might expect getting quite tired of having eggs and bacon every morning, so why not renew it with the vitalising coconut & butter coffee? This leaves you with the possibility to choose a more light breakfast as the coffee is so heavy and fat. Yummy! Did you know that coconut oil can be classified as a superfood, and is […]

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