Restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’ll write about my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I will live in Parkdale in Toronto until 2020. I love it very much here, the city is beautiful, it’s large and widely sprawled, the community is vivid. We have still a lot of things to discover. We found several lovely restaurants, very different though. The restaurants Guu and Antler are small restaurants with an informal atmosphere. Guu is vibrant with an open and pretty noisy kitchen. Cava is sophisticated, nice and quiet, and Lee and Momofuku are usually crowded but lovely. A few more to come soon, Dandylion, West Queen West, and Sapori, Dundas West.

Restaurants in Toronto


restaurants Toronto

Salmon Dish from Guu Izakaya

Restaurant Guu Izakaya is my Parkdale favourite. Guu make small Japanese dishes meant to be shared. “Just like Parkdale, Guu Izakaya is all about “community and bonding”. Come enjoy authentic and original Japanese cuisine, original drinks, and our Guuu’d atmosphere, with a menu serving your favourite Guu Items as well as new daily specials!” This is from their presentation online. There are a lot of LCHF-friendly dishes! Guu is open from 5.30PM to 11.30PM and a bit earlier on Sundays. 1314 Queen St West.


My first visit to Restaurant Antler was for brunch. I had Eggs Royale. The quality of the food is outstanding. Chef Michael Hunter’s cooking style reflects a Canadian authentic creation of food, and celebrates the wild culinary delights. The menu is small and complex at the same time, the complexity lies in the tastes and aromas. Meat are wild boar, bison, rabbit and deer. Open from 5PM to 11PM, weekends also 11AM-2.30PM. 1454 Dundas St West.


Chef Susur Lee has an international profile and has restaurants in both Toronto and Singapore. The food is balancing the epicurean traditions of Asia with classical techniques of French cuisine. There is a wide range of dishes, which can be shared. All of them are small wonders in their combination of flavours and colours. The cocktails blend tropical fruits, herbs and liqueurs. The restaurant is open from 5PM to 10.30PM (Sun-Wed) and closes 11.30PM (Thurs-Sat). 601 King St West.


Restaurant Cava serves high-end Spanish tapas. The menu, which changes frequently and reflects sustainable and ethical ingredients, is like an adventure. I found it so hard to decide what to order. So many Iberian specialities. Jamon, Sobrasada, Manchego, Croquetas, Octopus, Eggplant and Paella, just to mention a few. I would come more often if I lived a bit closer. Open 6PM to 10PM (Mon-Thurs), and from 5PM on Fri-Sun. 1560 Younge Street.


I recently went to restaurant Momofuku and as it’s a noodle bar, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find anything LCHF friendly. The menu consists mainly of noodles and buns. However you can have the buns and mainly eat what’s inside or you can choose from a few carb-less dishes, such as pork rib. The dishes can be shared and it was all absolutely amazing. Open 11.30AM to 3PM and also from 5PM to 11PM. 190 University Avenue.