Category: Brunch

The Cauliflower Muffins

These fantastic cauliflower muffins are made of blitzed cauliflower and eggs and cheese. Again a proper Low-Carb-High-Fat snack and at the same time extremely healthy. Serve them together with salad, a little fruit, veggies or eggs for a nice and colourful brunch or snack.  They are lovely both when they are freshly made, but also served […]

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Chicken Chili Berries Salad

This salad with cold chicken, chili and berries is another lovely meal made of leftovers. If you have chicken meat left, turn to this recipe. As you might have discovered from earlier posts, I am the Queen of Leftovers. Cold chicken can be completely uninspiring whilst looking at you from the fridge, but it can also be the most perfect […]

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Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

I will share a super easy recipe for a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, which must be the most delicious salmon and cream cheese snack ever. Buy a lot of sliced salmon of the best quality, full fat cream cheese, cucumber and lemon. There are many possibilities for seasoning the salmon & cream cheese paste, like dill and […]

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