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Restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’ll write about my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I will live in Parkdale in Toronto until 2020. I love it very much here, the city is beautiful, it’s large and widely sprawled, the community is vivid. We have still a lot of things to discover. We found several lovely restaurants, very different though. […]

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Restaurants in The Hague, The Netherlands

I like many restaurants in The Hague in The Netherlands. Below I listed my three favourite restaurants, all of which I visited several times since 2014. The Hague is a quiet city and seems homogenic due to it’s architecture. It feels friendly, and the option of easily getting to the sea is formidable. Food is […]

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Restaurants in Berlin Germany

From Berlin I will recommend three restaurants now and I might add more afterwards. Berlin is a fantastic city. There is a constant development of the city and a bubbling atmosphere everywhere. The picture on the right is from a backyard in the area around Hackesher Markt and Torstrasse. That area is nice with lots of […]

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