My Marvellous Meat Balls

marvellous meat balls step 1Meat balls can be extremely boring, and only very seldom I would call them marvellous. I’m sure you agree that it’s difficult to turn minced meat into a sexy dish, but these marvellous meat balls of mine are simply the best in town!! Or maybe in the UK. Try them!

I have worked on this recipe for years, and the whole idea is to add fat and moist to the meat. Choose meat with a high content of fat, I would say around 8-15 %. The minced meat can be both lamb, beef and pork. You choose. If you are a trained cook you don’t need to follow my process, but in respect for the younger people reading this blog, I have chosen to show the ingredients, and what to do with them. Please find the recipe below.

How to make Marvellous Meat Balls

marvellous meat balls rawServes 3-4 (depending on the amount of sides)

4-500 grammes of minced meat
1 small courgette
4 large chestnut mushrooms
1 medium sized onion (choose organic)
Chopped fresh chili (as you like it)
Chopped fresh mint (a half handful)
3 tablespoons  yoghurt
3 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


marvellous meat balls panChop the chili, the mint and the onion into tiny pieces.
Chop the mushrooms into pieces, can be a little larger. Fry them on a frying pan. Let them cool.
Grate the courgette. Mix the meat with courgette, chili, onion and mint. Add yoghurt, olive oil, salt and pepper. Blend it all including the cooled mushrooms, use your hands or a fork. It should look like the  the picture above.
Make small and round meat balls. Fry them for maximum five minutes, turning them frequently. High heat.
I always use flavourless coconut oil for frying. You can use olive oil, ghee or butter, but the latter would easily burn.

Side dish for the Marvellous Meat Balls

On the second frying pan in the picture above, you can probably spot onions and tomatoes.
Simply heat a pan with 1 large tablespoon of flavourless coconut oil or ghee, add two large onions in chunky pieces and let them fry slowly for 15 minutes. They will turn so damn sweet if you let them. Add three large tomatoes in quarters and a little white wine. Add salt and pepper, eventually more chili, and let it simmer for 10 more minutes. This can happen while you make and fry your marvellous meat balls.  As you can see on the serving we also had green salad and half an avocado. Furthermore add mayonnaise, either the home made Basic Mayonnaise or one you buy. I think Stokes is the best alternative to your own. Enjoy your dinner and the sides, and please tell me if you can come up with nice adjustments!


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