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Turmeric Tomato Cod with Prawns

One day I got home, I tried this recipe for Turmeric Tomato Cod with Prawns for the first time ever. Actually the recipe was invented in the making! I went to the good fishmonger, and saw these completely fresh cod fillets. I tried to imagine what would suit the gorgeous cod except from lemon and mayonnaise. For the time being I’m […]

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Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

I will share a super easy recipe for a Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, which must be the most delicious salmon and cream cheese snack ever. Buy a lot of sliced salmon of the best quality, full fat cream cheese, cucumber and lemon. There are many possibilities for seasoning the salmon & cream cheese paste, like dill and […]

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Fried Salmon Dressed in Pancetta

Today I’ll show you how to make fried piece of salmon dressed in pancetta. The salmon and the pancetta are both very healthy sources of the fat we must have every day whilst following the LCHF lifestyle. I normally have a large portion of salad together with my fried salmon. Please find inspiration for the salads […]

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