Fried Salmon Dressed in Pancetta

salmon dressed pancettaToday I’ll show you how to make fried piece of salmon dressed in pancetta. The salmon and the pancetta are both very healthy sources of the fat we must have every day whilst following the LCHF lifestyle. I normally have a large portion of salad together with my fried salmon. Please find inspiration for the salads in My Super Simple Salad School.

Also, if you fancy bread together with your dinner, both the Gorgeous Crispbread and the Almond Buns would be fantastic.
Buy one piece of salmon per person and wrap them in thinly sliced pancetta.
Method described in details follow the instructions below.

How to Do Fried Salmon Dressed in Pancetta

salmon dressed pancettaYou need around 6-7 thin slices of pancetta per piece of salmon. Arrange the slices so they overlap a bit. Place the salmon like shown on the photo.
The wrapping should be like almost the length of the salmon piece.

I think it’s important you buy pancetta and not bacon slices. Bacon is frequently pumped up with water and additives, which will spoil your dish.

Simply roll the pancetta slices round the salmon tightly. You don’t have to fasten anything. Just place the loose ends of pancetta downwards when frying.



fried salmon pancetta servedFry the salmon/pancetta-pieces for 3-4 minutes on each side depending on how well-done you like your fish. I prefer that it’s still soft and slightly pink in the middle.
I fry in flavourless coconut oil, but keep an eye on it because it shouldn’t burn the pancetta.

Arrange one piece of fried salmon per person.
Serve with lime or lemon, a salad on the side.
Serve The Best Basic Mayonnaise, and now we’ve done it again!  We made a super delicious and a very easy LCHF dinner with lots of healthy fat and almost no carbohydrates.

Add salt and pepper and just enjoy!

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