Chicken Chili Berries Salad

chicken berries chiliThis salad with cold chicken, chili and berries is another lovely meal made of leftovers. If you have chicken meat left, turn to this recipe. As you might have discovered from earlier posts, I am the Queen of Leftovers.

Cold chicken can be completely uninspiring whilst looking at you from the fridge, but it can also be the most perfect ingredient in a creative leftover dish. For me it’s important to create a visual nice effect of my ingredients. Like in many other leftover-recipes, this is mostly about getting inspired of what is in your fridge and make a ball out of a green chili or a dull halloumi cheese (or whatever you’ve got).
Always tear the soft skin apart from the meat and fry it I hot coconut oil just before serving. It will be as crisp as one could wish for.

How to Create The Chicken Chili Berries Salad

Serves 1-2 depending on which other courses are served

1 big cold chicken breast (without skin), chopped
A handful of blueberries or strawberries for drizzling just before serving
A small green fresh chili, not too strong (you can use jalapeños as well)
A handful of green salad chopped into small pieces
A little onion or a half one, nice with a red one

Alternatives will be asparagus steamed and chopped
Mushrooms, washed, dried and sliced thinly.
An egg is a good choice as well in order to make the meal more heavy.

50-70 ml Basic Mayonnaise 
50-70 ml full fat greek yogurt (10%)
Lemon juice, like 2 tbsp
Olive oil, like 2 tbsp
Flake salt and freshly ground pepper

Mix all ingredients together and stir it carefully into a bowl with your chicken, onion, salad and so.
Drizzle chili and blueberries (or watercress and pancetta) on top afterwards.

Served with slices of fried halloumi – get inspired below 🙂

Alternative addings;
Thin slices of fried (dry) bacon/pancetta (no additives or it will boil on your pan)
IF you have chicken with skin, tear the skin off, and fry it really hard to get it crispy, drizzle on top
Watercress salad
Hard boiled eggs
Radicchio (would make a nice contrast)
..and you can for sure soon continue this list…


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