Snack With Fried Egg Plant and Iberico Ham

This is a description of how to make a wonderful and simple snack with egg plant and Iberico ham! I’m staying in Frigiliana in Andalucia over Easter. I have had a home here for ten years now, and I totally love my house, the area and the friendly people! Thank you, Spain!!  There is a certain friendly feeling in this separated area, and the food is absolutely fantastic. I especially love the Iberico ham.
The internet sucks, I’m sorry to say, but hens are cackling lovely, and goats are all over. I get inspired by my neighbours and their lifestyle.  The food is fantastic, but there is always a bad choice… such as super artificial dairy and meat products. Recipe below.


snack-ibericoIf you need a completely simple snack or, as it turned out this morning, a very light breakfast, you could simply fry slices of egg plant and add slices of Iberico ham. You will indeed go to heaven!
I added a little olive oil and salt. So fantastic! If you find the olive oil too heavy you could instead use avocado oil.  As a matter of fact I should have had a slices of avocado to this dish!
A hardboiled egg would do wonders too! In fact if you have this snack with a Butter & Coconut Coffee, it would do for a lunch, a brunch or a nice breakfast. You could also add a piece of Crispbread or Panini, if you like the feeling of bread in the morning. Remember to put a thick layer of cold butter on top. Enjoy!

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