A Story About Dairy Products

While staying both in London, UK, and in Toronto, Canada, and in The Netherlands and Spain as well, I have been searching for proper dairy products. In The Netherlands it is relatively easy and resembles the situation in Denmark. In Spain unfortunately many dairy products are UHT treated. I reckon it is a matter of resilience to the heat. I do not like UHT products, as it demolishes the good bacterias in the milk.

Living with an LCHF diet we need a lot of fat as our fuel. We can get healthy saturated fats from a variety of sources, full-fat dairy products being one of them. As dairy products all over the world are homogenised nowadays as a standard, we have a problem. Therefore this article in the Guardian made me happy! We’re on our way.  It takes a lot of effort though, and we must be patient!
Read the article on Official Advice about low fat diets being wrong if you like.

Present Problems Regarding Dairy Products

First of all, I will explain why homogenisation is problematic for our health. Homogenisation was developed to reduce the fat particles to such a fine extent that they no longer separate out. This makes the milk last longer on the shelf. The process forces the milk under extreme pressure through tiny holes. This breaks up the originally large fat particles into tiny ones, and forces the fat to form tiny molecular clusters, thus ensuring that the molecules do not regroup and form a cream layer on top of the milk.

Instead, in this denatured state, they stay suspended in the milk. However, not only do they not regroup, the process also makes digestion almost impossible. The tiny molecules enter the bloodstream directly as undigested fat which is not good for the human health.

This is one of many processes foods are subjected to entirely for commercial purposes. Consumers have to live with foods being irradiated, genetically engineered, homogenised and processed. Homogenising extends milk shelf-life up to approx. 11 days with no beneficial food value, and of course no value to the consumer neither.

I will keep searching for the healthy solutions and luckily smaller local producers are careful with their milk production. So think simple and clean and try searching for the non processed diary products wherever you live.


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