A Simple Awesome Salad With Lots Of Potentials

This very simple and awesome salad is made of a few fresh ingredients and turns out completely awesome!
Firstly I’d like to say a little about the LCHF lifestyle and the challenges regarding salads.
As you might have read before on my blog, I often talk about the importance of eating enough fat. Why is that necessary to write about along with a recipe for salad? Well, the answer is, that very many salad-lovers are female and have learned for their whole life not to eat fat, which is why many (new to LCHF) tend to stay in their comfort zone by eating salads. That’s very good, as long as you also eat fat along with the salads!
This salad should be accompanied by some more fat, cheese og salami for instance, or it might serve as side dish to meat or fish. You can also have chorizo, iberico ham and/or fried aubergine!
Another variation is hardboiled eggs and mayonnaise.  Please never think of any neither this awesome salad as good enough without added fat. You’ll get hungry within an hour.

How Simple Is This Awesome Salad To Make And How About Potentials?

Serves 1 person

A handful of baby leaves spinach
A handful of radicchio or, if you don’t like the bitterness, choose red chicory instead
4 small organic italian tomatoes (which are more tasteful)
A handful of washed cauliflower divided into nice pieces
4-6 big teaspoons of Pea & Edamame Dip (bought in Waitrose, UK, and all right for LCHF lovers regarding the ingredients). If you’re not living in the UK, which I no longer do myself, you can use mascarpone or another dip made of few, fresh ingredients. NO ADDITIVES ACCEPTED.
Salt and a little olive oil

Put a layer of spinach, then radicchio, the cauliflower and tomatoes, then the pea dip and sprinkle with olive oil and salt (and pepper if you like – I love it!) This is indeed both simple and awesome!!

Well, as written above, serve as a side to meat or fish, or other vegetarian dishes if you prefer that. It would be beautiful on a lunch table together with eggs, cheese, aubergine fries or panini and butter. As you might have figured out this simple salad is the perfect basis for your lunch box. The potentials of addings are a million.

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