A Tantalising Tuna Tartare

This tantalising tuna tartare is a wonderful dish, which I recently had on a trip to Venice. It is a fantastic and at the same time a very simple recipe. Ensure to buy tuna that’s caught in a sustainable and respectable way. Ask your supplier or read this. Also tell your fish monger that you’ll use the tuna raw.

What is especially tantalising about this dish is the fabulous tuna with only a few other ingredients, sweet and savour. The tartare is prepared with complete respect and love of the raw fish.

How To Make The Tantalising Tuna Tartare

tantalising tuna tartareServes 3

500 g raw tuna
1 peeled orange
A handful of black olives, the small French Nicoise are the best, remove the stones
Olive oil, like 50-80 ml
1 tbsp sesame oil (can be left out)
Salt & freshly ground pepper
A little rocket salad

Start chopping the tuna into very small pieces, mix it with a little olive oil and salt and put it in the fridge. Leave it for at least 30 min.


tantalisingMeanwhile, peel the orange and remove all the white parts of the peel
Chop the olives in small pieces, save a few whole ones for the serving
Mix the chopped tuna with the rest of the olive oil, the sesame oil and the orange and the olive pieces
Arrange the tuna in three portions. I use a round food ring to shape the edges nicely.
Serve the tuna tartare with red chicory and watercress or more rocket salad or celery sticks.
Drizzle with olive oil on the dish before serving.

In addition I made a chunky guacamole out of two avocados and some tomatoes. This smooth avocado cream is perfect with the tantalising tartare. Enjoy!


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