ready-set-goWhat do I mean by ready-set-go??

Well, I will introduce a new category in my blog. I just had a wonderful five-days-stay in Venice, and that trip gave me an idea. I will start a diary with broader Low Carb High Fat issues.  These will be shorter in comparison with the recipes and the information on LCHF principles in general. The content will be based upon my travels and my thoughts.
By the way, the soft shell crabs in the picture are from Busa Alle Torre, a fantastic restaurant on the lovely island Murano open for lunch. Since 2008 they have had a Michelin star every year, and the place is nevertheless the most quiet and relaxed place, I visited for a long time.


Please read my diary from time to time and get inspiring news, tips & tricks, and reports from where I go. I travel frequently to the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, United States and Italy, and I would like to share inspiration from these trips. All my shared posts will follow the Low-Carb High-Fat strategy for my blog. Let’s get started! Ready-set-go!!

My trip to Venice was a week in August together with my daughter. She is 23 years old, so we had a lot of fun, as we share the same interests. We went to Guggenheim Museum, and we visited Murano but no other islands. I have earlier visited Torcello, which is the place the first citizens inhabited in the lagoon the, and also St. Michele, the graveyard island. Burano is also with visiting and there are a lot of nice restaurants out there. I will later write about the best restaurants in Venice where we had dinner. This was an appetiser. Stay tuned 🙂

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